3 Days/ 2 Nights


Day 01: Kalaw – view point – Hinkhagone – Sekkyagone

  • Trekking starts from hotel at 8 o’clock after breakfast.
  • After 45 min walk in the town and downhill for 15 min in the pine forest.
  • From here continue a little up and down in the primary forest for one and half an hour .
  • Then walk up hill from the reservoir to the top where we can see the endless view and tea plantation on the hill side. It takes half an hour and about 200 m higher.
  • Proceed the trek along the ridge for 45 min to Hinkhagone, a Palaung village.
  • Visit people and lunch in the village.
  • After lunch walk 30 min flat and 30 min downhill about 150 m lower. Walk along the railways with rice fields and forest on left and right for 45 min.
  • Have a tea break at the station for a while and continue up and down along the small path to Sekkyagone for one hour about 3 km.
  • Dinner and overnight at family house in Sekkyagone.

On Day (1) trekking for 6.5 hours, about 20 km and 300 m up and down.

Day 02: Sekkyagone- Bawningone – Pawke – Pattupauk

  • After breakfast walk uphill for one hour to the top about 200 m higher .
  • From here we can see view of valley with rice plantation and other vegetable farm.
  • Keep on walking along the ridge for one hour to Nanthale’the’, a Pao village.
  • Downhill for one hour to Bawningone, another Pao village.
  • We can see ginger, chili, saseme, potato and rice fields along the way.
  • Continue just rolling hill for one hour to Pawke village for our lunch.
  • After lunch go on the trip to Pattupauk for three hours up and down with some crab apple trees which are grown for firewood for cooking.
  • People who live in Pattupauk village are Pao but they dress different traditional clothes.
  • They do not have enough harvest due to the sand and stone. So they use a lot of bamboo for making baskets to sell.
  • Dinner and overnight in the village in Pattupauk.

On Day (2) trekking for (7) hours, about (23) km and (200) m up and down.

Day 03: Pattupauk – Nanyoke – Tonele’- Inle lake

  • Leave at 7 o’clock after breakfast for Inle trip. It is less uphill and more downhill .
  • It goes flat for half an hour and downhill to 200 m lower for one hour along small path.
  • Uphill for 45 min to Nanyoke and take a rest at a coffee shop for a few minutes.
  • Continue along small trail for one and half hours slowly down and pass by some big banyan trees on the way.
  • Seeing view of the lake from here and downhill to (900 m) lower for one hour.
  • Lunch in Tonele’ and then take the boat to hotel about one hour.